What is the best way to get the current users information. With the UserProfileService unavailable in SharePoint Online what would be the best method for getting a users information.

Client was looking to use the UPS automatically populate a form. I have tried getting data from the User Information List using REST but that hasn't provided any results as of yet. What about using Access Services, is this feasible, I have started looking into it now but when trying to map to SharePoint Online as the data source the User Information list doesn't show as an option.

Is using/knowing App Model/Object Model the only way to go here? The client was hoping to not need a developer to build this, hoping they could still allow power users to build these capabilities out.

This is to support an extranet scenario so I don't think the social REST feed is going to be of help here because of the external users.

I haven't found much yet in the way of best practices or methods for getting this info with SharePoint Online.

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Using SPServices' GetCurrentUser function you can get all sorts of fields on the current user. Straight from the documentation, here is an explanation of how it works(which BTW I think is brilliant):

How It Works

The SPGetCurrentUser function does an AJAX call to grab /_layouts/userdisp.aspx?Force=True and "scrapes" the values from the page based on the internal field name (aka StaticName).

  • ...and I'm currently using in on SharePoint Online Commented Sep 9, 2013 at 22:17

Going to shamelessly plug my blog:

To get the current user information in SharePoint Online,

You can use the REST API to get UserProfile properties:


Or you can use the JavaScript CSOM:


Hope this is helpful

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