The menu that I'm referring to is this one (the blue bar):

enter image description here

I've seen some deployments where people have custom items up here (for example, Outlook, linking to the organizations web Outlook client).

How can I go about doing this as I would love to be able to create a link to our web based Human Resources system from here, or, if this isn't possible, then just a link to our web Outlook client would be nice!

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Check these articles. You will get it here what you are looking for:

Add/Remove links from SharePoint 2013 Suite Bar (SkyDrive, Sites, NewsFeed)

Customizing SharePoint 2013 Suite Bar

Mastering SharePoint 2013 Suite Bar

You can also try a small jQuery code snippet:

<script type="text/javascript">
var suiteBar = $("#suiteBar").find(".ms-core-brandingText");
suite.html("<a href="www.stackexchange.com"> Your Outlook Link Name </a>");   

Hope this helps.


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