I have a team site which contains some announcement Apps, document management Apps etc. now let say I search for a sentence , then SharePoint will display the the search results from the following components:-

  1. The announcement item that contains the sentence .
  2. The announcement list , which contain the associated announcement item
  3. The announcement App part, which contain the associated announcement item.

So is there a way to force the search to only display the item which contains the search criteria , without the need to display the list or the App part that contain the associated item? Thanks


You need to configure the crawl in Central Administration. Create Crawl rules to exclude certain results. For example, you can exclude the "All items" list views by creating a crawl rule with the setting:


Fine tuning search results is a never-ending process. Whenever you find a page that you don't want to be returned in the search results, create a crawl rule to exclude that page. If it is a page like AllItems.aspx, use the wildcards to exclude the view for all lists and libraries.

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