I am searching for an OOTB procedure to make Document library support store/upload of a specific type of file (based on extension - for example .doc, .xls).

Can anyone provide specific guidance on how to achieve this?


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Seems duplicate of following question:
How to restrict a document library to a specific file type (extension)?

Answer from the post:

there is no OOB solution for this. But you could create an eventhandler (event receiver) and triggers on item adding, that checks the file name and if it's not the correct file extension just cancel event.

Other top answer from the post:

If you prefer not to deploy any of your own custom code to your WFEs then you may want to consider a simple SharePoint Designer workflow as well.

Have a look at this article that describes something similar and can easily be adapted (it renames a file from a workflow when it contains sensitive information in the file name).

Providing feedback to the customer is indeed a problem. An event receiver allows you to provide slightly better feedback than a workflow, but only slightly. SharePoint 2010 allows event receivers to provide better feedback.

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