I have set up an authoring site collection and a publishing site collection for cross-site publishing where the pages library of the authoring site collection gets cross-site published to the target site collection. The actual content gets written to the source page's Page Content property. Tests have shown that the maximum length of content that gets fully published is 2^14 = 16384 characters. Although I can assign more content to the Page Content property, when consuming it after publishing the data gets truncated after 2^14 chars.

Where exactly is this limit introduced (publishing catalog? result source?) and how can I increase it?

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Is this data coming through a managed property field? About half-way down this list it shows a limit of 16KB for "retrievable managed property size."

It says you can use PowerShell to set the P.MaxCharactersInPropertyStoreForRetrieval, but that is all I know.

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