I created a content source under search service application and configured the Sharepoint 2013 server URL (http://2013servername/) for crawling.

Once the full crawling completed, I checked the search results it says We did not find any results for server.

Checked the Crawl log and find there is a TOP LEVEL ERROR as below

Access is denied. Verify that either the Default Content Access Account has access to this repository, or add a crawl rule to crawl this repository. If the repository being crawled is a SharePoint repository, verify that the account you are using has "Full Read" permissions on the SharePoint Web Application being crawled. ( Error from SharePoint site: HttpStatusCode Unauthorized The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized. )

Googled for this issue and tried disabling DisableLoopbackCheck but still doesnt work.

Any solution for searching SharePoint 2013 contents in 2010 site ?


  • Able to ping 2013 from 2010 Machine

  • Able to visit the 2013 site from 2010 Machine

  • Both servers has the same admin user account
  • Both are in different farms
  • In 2013, search is working properly

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We set the domain name ADMINISTRATOR account (i.e DOMAINNAME\Administrator) in Search Crawl Account as FULL READ. Performed a FULL CRAWL in 2010 and tat works. Now I can access SharePoint 2013 content from SharePoint 2010 site.

But I'm not sure why I need to provide FULL READ access to the domain ADMINISTRATOR, when i used SP-ADMIN as the SEARCH CRAWL account. Anyway I got the case resolved :)


Have you tried accessing the site as the default crawl account? Usually you would set up a Policy on the Web application for full read for the account. Sounds like just permissions. (BTW, you should not use DisableLoopbackCheck in production.)

  • Thanks for the Reply. I used the domain SP-Admin account to crawl. I gave FULL READ permission in the Search Crawl Account for the SP-Admin. Noted on LoopbackCheck & reverted back :) Sep 10, 2013 at 5:25
  • Did this resolve the issue? It is usually a bad idea to use the admin account for crawling as it has too much access and you will find unpublished items in your search results. Sep 10, 2013 at 15:56

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