I'm trying to promote the Microsoft Word's "Company" property.

I tried using the technique that consists in creating a column with the same name, prefixed by an _. This is working for the "Author" column but not for the "Company" column.

My investigation let me think that only properties from the "Core properties" content type can be promoted:

Core properties

But the "Company" property is part of the "Extended properties":

Extended properties

Is it possible to promote the "Company" column, and how?

To describe my requirement, we are migrating a bunch of network folders in several SharePoint library/site collections. Some non-technical users will dispatch the documents using a webdav drag&drop. Some metadatas within the word documents should be promoted in the SharePoint columns (I added the corresponding columns in the library).

As the documents are mostly in the legacy .doc format, I can't (or at least it's not simple and efficient) use the Open XML SDK to extract this content.

In a more general way, is there any documentation somewhere that describe/explain this behavior?

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