So I'm trying to autoincrement a field on a list item. First i tried using a calculated value field "=[ID]" which works the first time, but after saving a new item to the list the "[]" are gone and, the calculation is dropped. I also tried using a workflow like "when item is created, set my_id = ID" but I got type errors, as ID is a double, and Sharepoint(as far as I've found) cannot handle conversion on the fly(?) I have to say, that I have not tried to code this into an event receiver, it seems like the only way, unless any of you have any ideas. Thanks for reading my question.



To answer all your questions/doubts..

I hope this helps


You can use WorkFlow for this. Create another list, use your WorkFlow to create a new blank item on this list and get ID of this new item for your incremental column. ID values on list are incremental, so you dont need to do anything except create and get ID value. If you want to reset the ID value, you need to drop and re-create this value list.

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