We are using Microsoft Exchange together with Active Directory and MOSS 2007.

I want to accomplish the following:

Interest groups defined already in AD and used as Mailing Lists inside Exchange. How can we create a site in SharePoint for this Interest group and at the same time have a Forum inside that SharePoint site which also reflects the conversations done in the Exchange mailling list.

I was thinking if the forum could be a list, then the list could somehow subscribe to the Exchange list and receive a copy of the conversation, and it would appear in the forum on the interest group.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

  • i guess the option you provided is wonderful. Hope share point does that. Regards. Mar 28, 2019 at 19:18

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If you set up inbound mail for SharePoint you can email enable a list including the discussion threads. If you setup a forwarder to that email address the messages would be logged in the forum.

Here is a good article on inbound email - SharePoint 2007 incoming email


You can add your AD group to a SharePoint group so that when you update your AD group, the SharePoint group does not need to be edited.

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