Can I get somehow all content (possibly in current scope only) with specified TAG(s) ?

I haven't found anything in search syntax, and such thing like tag:pricing does not return results tagged with tag pricing


In order to use syntax like that you need to ensure that the "tag" property is a Managed Property in your search configuration. If it does not exist, you may first want to create it, map it to corresponding crawled property and perform a full crawl. After these steps are performed, try above syntax in search text box.


I was working with SharePoint 2010 Search a bit, so there's a refiner on tags, it uses the MappedProperty="ows_MetadataFacetInfo,popularsocialtags" Managed Property, so you should search like ows_MetadataFacetInfo:pricing or popularsocialtags:pricing instead of tag:pricing I think :)

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