I have the WSP deployed in the Solution Management but when I go to the Site Collection Features it's not listed there for me to Activate.

  • I assume that you are trying to activate a feature that should be contained in your solution package. Are you sure that said feature is defined at site collection level scope?
    – SPArcheon
    Aug 29, 2013 at 8:35

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Make sure of two things, is the WSP deployed to the web application that has the site collection? also is you feature scoped to Site?


Your feature may be hidden. Search for your feature running this script:

Get-SPFeature | Sort -Property Scope, Hidden, DisplayName | FT -GroupBy Scope DisplayName, Hidden ,Id > c:\AllInstalledFeatures.txt

In the root of C: you'll find the file AllInstalledFeatures.txt which displays every feature you got in your farm, if the feature is hidden or not and its ID. Search for your feature there.

Ref: PowerShell Commands To List SharePoint Features

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