Morning all,

I'm aware that LINQ was packaged with SharePoint 2010 but I'm wondering on the feasability of tools such as Linqpad with SharePoint 2007. I've recently inherited a SharePoint 2007 farm and wondered if there were any tools that introduced LinQ capabilities to the MOSS Platform?

Many thanks, Steven

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There is a similar post on Stackoverflow regarding Linq and SP 2007.

Quote from the site:

SharePoint 2007 does not support Linq (.net 3.5) out of the box, i guess you are using a template??

You will need to follow a guide to get it setup:


Then maybe this guide will help you build your query


  • Cheers for these. I'll give them a go and will mark up the post as the answer shortly. Thanks again! Commented Aug 28, 2013 at 12:24

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