I'm using Managed navigation (Taxonomy Navigation) feature of SharePoint Server 2013. I've setup variation for 2 languages (en and fr).

Using the code below, I managed to get the relative url of the peer site:

  string url = Variations.GetPeerUrl(SPContext.Current.Web, currentUrl, label.Title);

For example when I'm in http://www.sample.com/en/Demo , using the code above I get /fr/Pages/Demo.aspx

What I wants is the managed navigation term or friendly url for it which is something like http://www.sample.com/fr/Demo

How can achieve that, what is the correct api that I should use here.


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First from the complete URL you should get the List Item, using SPWeb.GetListItem

See example here:
get SPListItem reference from a url

Than you can use following snippet to get Terms for the Page:

//retrieve the terms used for the navigation (this can be multiple terms)
IList<NavigationTerm> terms = TaxonomyNavigation.GetFriendlyUrlsForListItem(item, false);

string url = string.Empty;

//check if the pages has terms associated with it
if (terms.Count > 0) {
    //use the GetResolvedDisplayUrl to retrieve the page friendly urls
    url = terms[0].GetResolvedDisplayUrl(string.Empty);

    //Or you can use GetWebRelativeFriendlyUrl
} else {
    //if the page does not have any terms get the normal url
    url = item.File.Url;

I hope this helps

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