Is it possible to add/edit a URL with a description through the user profile web service? So far I'm only able to update the actual URL, and not the description. This is the code I'm using so far:

PropertyData propertyData = new PropertyData
                                            Name = propertyName,
                                            IsValueChanged = true,
                                            Values = new ValueData[1]
propertyData.Values[0] = new ValueData { Value = value };

userProfileService.ModifyUserPropertyByAccountName(username, new[] { propertyData });

It would be nice to provide a description for the URL, since it's displayed on user profile pages.

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I am assuming from your code sample that you are using something like value="http://www.microsoft.com". Have you tried value="http://www.microsoft.com,Microsoft"? Generally URLs are stored as "URL,Description".


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