I am trying to get a table of contents page to show and update automatically based on a document type.

What we currently have is a txt file which we have to manually update.

Basically - we have a top level of "Service Desk Knowledge Database" and then the next levels are "Environment", "Applications", "System Access", "Applications", "Hardware".

Under each of these headings we have documents which all have a document type.

For instance, under "Applications" we have MS Outlook, Citrix, SAP etc.

What I need is when I click "Applications" I want to see an alphabetised list of the documents with a type of "Application" which the users can view and then click into.

I can't see where I can do this easily.

Can anyone suggest anything?

Using Sharepoint 2010



Connected Web Parts may be what you are looking for. Microsoft has a good high level example of this here.

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