I have the following script to update my SharePoint app with the latest version but it always fails with the error:

Install-SPApp : An instance of this App already exists at the specified

when the app is already installed on the site. For SPSolutions I can wait on while ($solution.JobExists) is there an equivalent for SharePoint Apps (.app)?

#check if app already exists
$instances = Get-SPAppInstance -Web $siteCol
$instance = $instances | where {$_.Title -eq $file.BaseName}
if($instance -ne $null){
    Write-Host "Uninstalling app " $file.BaseName

    Uninstall-SPAppInstance -Identity $instance -Confirm:$false
    #need to wait here

Write-Host "Installing app " $file.BaseName
#install the app
$spapp = Import-SPAppPackage  –Path $file.FullName  –Site $siteCol  -Source ObjectModel -Confirm:$false
$newInstance = Install-SPApp –Web $siteCol -Identity $spapp 

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I was able to find the answer in this MSDN blog

There is an Update-SPAppInstance method to be used when an app is already installed and then you can wait on the status of the AppInstance

while (($appInstance.Status -eq ([Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPAppInstanceStatus]::Upgrading))

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