i have one question. How do pro-grammatically store the sharepoint document library document(eg Image.png) to local machine(D:/Images)?? Anybody have a solution???

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Something like:

var context = new ClientContext("http://sp2010app");
var web = context.Web;
var list = web.Lists.GetByTitle("Shared Documents");
var items = list.GetItems(CamlQuery.CreateAllItemsQuery());
foreach (var item in items)
    var stream = Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.File.OpenBinaryDirect(context, (string)item["FileRef"]).Stream;
    var filename = string.Format("d:\\images\\{0}", item["FileLeafRef"]);
    using (Stream file = System.IO.File.OpenWrite(filename))
  • error:"System.IO.Stream does not contain the definition for 'CopyTo' and no extension method 'CopyTo' accepting a first argument type of System.IO.Stream could be found"
    – Sakthi
    Aug 22, 2013 at 10:01
  • CopyTo requires .Net 4, if you're using earlier version then see How do I save a stream to a file? Aug 22, 2013 at 10:12

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