I have a list of projects. Inside the project list you can select a Client. I have a list of Clients.

I have another list, a list of Contacts, they have a lookup column called Client to specify from which Client this contact is from.

In my project list you can select a Client, i want to be able to also select a contact that is from the list of Clients that was selected.

How can i managed this ?

Thanks !

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What you are looking for is a cascaded lookup field. I suggest you code one yourself or buy one from the net.


You can build cascading lookups via javascript and spservices. In fact, spservices recently introduced the SPCascadeDropdowns function.

Codeplex offers a cascading lookup solution as spcd , but StratusForms can do this too and you don't need server side access.

Now, there is also a thing called Sharepoint Filtered Lookup which can perform a lookup via a CAML query; I'm trying to bascially make a cascading lookup out of that here.

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