• The organisation do not have access to write back to AD
  • Everybody (users) in a organisation have read permission on every document / library / site etc.

Based on "something magic" (list / user permission / token ... ) is there a way to give write permission based on a meta data tag?

If a document got the tag "CAR" the user "X" got persmission to write to the document?

Sombody have mention:

There is a third party that seems to have this: -http://www.titus.com/software/sharepoint/metadata.php

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It's not available out of the box.

But you have a number of options:

Put documents in folders with unique permissions
If it's a single value that determines who can change the document then you can:

  • Create a number of folders (one for each value)
  • On each folder break permission inheritance
  • Give the right people write access
  • Place the documents in the right of these folders based on the value

Unique Permissions
If your world is more complex then you need code either an event receiver or a workflow which breaks inheritance on each item and assigns the right group of people the write access.
In this case be aware the performance degrades when you have a lot of unique permissions.

  • Is it possible to write a custom itemReciever that checks the persmission ONLY when opening a document?
    – Plexus81
    Aug 21, 2013 at 12:33
  • 2
    No you can't react to opening a document. But you can create an event receiver which checks "permissions" when adding/updating a document Aug 21, 2013 at 12:47

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