I have a workflow which seems to be problematic and when I run it I get

"an error occured during approval".

To see more detailed error logs I clicked on 'view wrokflow reports' in the workflow history section. But workflow reports itslef has a problem and I got this message: "An unexpected error has occured. correlation id...". When I follow its correlation id in SharePoint logs I find these messages:

"failed to cache field with id ..."


"value doesn't fall within expected range"

How can I solve the problem of workflow reports itself? How can I see error log of my workflows?

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I found the answer.

There were other errors in LOGs. One of them was

error loading the template {XYZ} for the activity duration

I searched for it error and found this.

I deactivated 'reporting' feature at site collection level and activated it again.

Problem solved!

What a pity that sharepoint has such problems.

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