Say, I do following, could it break the site collection?

  1. I download a publishing page "SourcePage.aspx" from pages library to my computer
  2. I rename the publishing page "DuplicatePage.aspx"
  3. I upload the "DuplicatePage.aspx" back to same "Pages" library
  4. Edit the "DuplicatePage.aspx"
  5. Try to publish "DuplicatePage.aspx"

Could this break the whole site collection? I could see the site in mobile mode, or I can hit it with powershell or I can see everything via SP Designer. However, I get a /Server error through browser. Nothing would fix this (like setting up the masterpage to v4.master or night.master or minimum.master).


Is this edited page your home page? If so then it may be just the page that is a problem? Can you get to /_layouts/settings.aspx? If so then try creating a new page and make that the home page.

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