I'm trying to set up a work laptop for SharePoint development. To get it up and running quickly, I used my corporate domain user account as the first managed account. Now, I want to use a local account (as I don't have permissions to create domain accounts) for the managed account and service accounts.

Using this link and this link, I successfully registered the local account as a managed service account in powershell and registered the app pool to run under the local account for both CA and IIS. However, now I am trying to migrate the SharePoint service accounts to use the local managed service account and I'm not having great luck.

The local account shows in CA through Security>Configure managed accounts but when I go to Security>Configure service accounts, the local account does not show up in any of the drop downs for any service accounts.

While I am curious as to exactly why it doesn't show up, I would also be happy if I knew how to move these service accounts from my corporate account to my local account.

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You can try to use Powershell to set up the managed account using PSCredential and New-SPManagedAccount. There is an example I've wrote some time ago that is used to create the managed accounts based on an input file. When I'm right the netBiosDomain should be your local computer or ".".

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