My user profile page renders user profiles using the following code

<SPSWC:ProfilePropertyValue PropertyName="DDI" dir="ltr" runat="server"/>

however in one environment the results are plain text

<div>DDI : 123 456 789</div>

and the other

<div>DDI : <a href='http://spportal/search/Pages/peopleresults.aspx?k="123%20456%20789"'>123 456 789</a></div>

While the search url brings back results in both environments, prooving that the profiles are set up and the information searchable, I cannot seem to find the SharePoint setting that changes this rendering behaviour.

Note: The users email address and manager property render correctly (as mailto and user profile links respectively) so it appears to be some search setting I am forgetting.

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Yeah, so you need to set the "Preferred Search Center".

go to:

Central Administration->Service Applications->User Profile Service Application->Setup My sites

This is a url to the page you wish the search results to appear on.

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