I created a form in InfoPath 2010 Designer, and then published it to a SharePoint 2010 form library. This form has compatibility set to "Web Browser Form". Most people use this form from a Web Browser (via InfoPath Form Services), but a select few use InfoPath 2010 Filler.

My issue is this: when someone uses a people picker control, they see more results in Filler than they do in the Web Browser. For example, if they enter a partial name in the people picker and click the "Check Names" icon, two results will be returned in the browser, and four will be returned in Filler.

I am looking for guidance on how the two platforms (Form Services and Filler) behave when it comes to a people picker, and see where I need to dig further.

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After much searching, I found this article on Microsoft's site about how a People Picker works with SharePoint. I am still not 100% sure where the differences are happening, but this article will help me explain what is happening in each scenario.

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