On my root site, I have a Document Library which contains a lot of important documents. For this Library, on its owning site I can create a webpart which views the folders and items in a nice manner.

I want to display the library from the root site in a similar (or the same) manner on a subsite of the root site. I have tried two solutions that only worked partially:

  1. On the site where I want to view the library, I created a Page Viewer Webpart with its url set to dialogview. This created a good looking view of the items in the library, but it is not possible to open folders or add/remove items...

  2. I created the list view webpart on the site where the library is, downloaded the webpart, edited its code to reference correct IDs and uploaded on the subsite. Like the first solutions, this gave a beatiful view of the folders and items at the top of the Library, but also an inability to navigate.

Is there a way to achieve what I desire? At least an easy way to copy over the Document Library to the subsite?


I solved this problem by using page view webpart on the document library with "?IsDlg=1" added to the url arguments:

/File Archive/Forms/AllItems.aspx?IsDlg=1

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