How can I automatically add a value to a column when making a new list item?

Like, if I make a new item in a list named "Announcements", and I want the "Expires" column to automatically get a date 3 months later than today's date, how would I do that? Or is this simply not possible?

Should I do this with a calculated column? Like, based on the date a list item was created/posted, extract that date and add 3 months?

Sorry for all these questions; I just can't figure it out.

I am ok with OOTB solutions, as long as I can do it with jQuery or JavaScript or anything similar.

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yes, you can do this with calculated column. Create one calculated column and set value as created date plus 3 months.


You can also use JQuery. Add a CEWP webpart to the page and add a script similar to this

$("input[tite='fieldName']").val("Value to prepopulate");



Actually, there is a more straight forward way to this. Just set the "Default Value" for the "Expired" column in the edit column page and set it to Today()+90

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