EDIT: Another way of asking this same question, I guess, is: is there an out of the box web service to which I can pass an email address as a parameter, and get other properties for that user back as a result?

So, I have used this neat trick to pull in the current user information: InfoPath - Get the current user without writing code

Now, I have a different scenario that I need to implement. I have a form that will be pre-populated with the user's email address, and I want to access other properties of their profile using the email address as the key.

The GetUserProfileByName web service seems to be the right one to use, but I want to be able to pass it a value from the form and return the profile information I need (in this case, the user's manager).

  • You can use Search to do that, too. Execute a People search with the email address and return the Account. Aug 14, 2013 at 16:03

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The GetUserProfileByName requires that you pass it the AccountName instead of an email address. One option might be to pre-populate the people picker as you are wanting to do, and then call GetUserProfileByName via a rule and pass it the AccountId property that is stored within the people picker. Here's another link that you might find useful while doing this.


Maybe you'll find these articles useful - InfoPath - Get the current user without writing code

InfoPath 2010 Best Practice Querying User Profile Web Service

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