I am trying to execute the following query:

query.Query =<Where>
  <FieldRef Name='Product' />
 <FieldRef Name='CountryCode4' Ascending='FALSE' />

query.Join = <Join Type='LEFT' ListAlias='ProductList'>
  <FieldRef Name='Product' RefType='Id' />
  <FieldRef List='ProductList' Name='ID' />
<Join Type='LEFT' ListAlias='AuthorisationLookupList'>
  <FieldRef List='ProductList' Name='MarketingAuthorisationLookup' RefType='Id' />
  <FieldRef List='AuthorisationLookupList' Name='ID' />
<Join Type='LEFT' ListAlias='AuthorisationStatusLookupList'>
  <FieldRef List='AuthorisationLookupList' Name='AuthorisationStatusLookup' RefType='Id' />
  <FieldRef List='AuthorisationStatusLookupList' Name='ID' />

When applying sorting the column "CountryCode" is empty and sorting has not taken place. If, however, I sort by the column "Title" everything works fine. Would anybody have a clue as to why and if what I am trying to achieve is even possible?

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I know this question is quite old, but just came across this post.. If we look at following link, which explains the Limitations of CAML Joins: JOINS AND PROJECTIONS IN SHAREPOINT 2010

It says:


  • There is no way to leverage joins and projections in a view through the UI. CAML must be written. Few things are more badass than CAMLs, but they're often hairy. (Get it...? Maaan I crack myself up)
  • Joins can only be defined on lookup columns
  • Projected fields cannot be used to sort or group in the view
  • Dynamic sorting and filtering in listview webparts is also not supported
  • Projected columns do not show up correctly in datasheet view, or when exported to Excel

Point 3 explains why your query is not working.

  • Ha! Thank you Arsalan for taking the time to answer that old question. Commented Nov 7, 2013 at 18:55

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