I have a list with a workflow that runs for every item that is added or changed. I imported about 700 records in to the list via Microsoft Access. Immediately after the import only 100 or so items had a workflow status of Completed. The rest all say Starting.

It has now been almost 2 hours and there are still 400 items that say Starting.

How can I speed up this process?

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There is a SP Workflow Postpone Threshold, and by default it's set at 15. You can raise this by using the Set-SPFarmConfig namespace in Powershell using the WorkflowPostponeThreshold parameter.

//The following powershell command raises the Workflow Postpone Threshold to 30

Set-SPFarmConfig -WorkflowPostponeThreshold 30

SP 2010 Workflow Limitations


  • That did it! I set it to 100 for a bit and everything cleared up. Thanks!
    – longneck
    Aug 9, 2013 at 16:56

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