I have a list in sharepoint with some columns like

Name | Job Description | Location

xxxx      xxxxxxx          xxxxx
aaa        aaaaa            aaa

I require this list to be displayed in Datasheet View, which i have done. While creating this list, i added a description for each column, is there anyway to show it as a tooltip when the user hovers over each column? Can this be done using sharepoint/sharepoint designer?

  • Not sure if applicable, but the title-property of HTML elements is great for this – Robert Lindgren Aug 8 '13 at 7:42

The Datasheet view is a spin-off of Access, served as a web app in a web page. The elements of the Datasheet view are not configurable with the GUI or SharePoint Designer, as far as I know. The web app even mis-behaves with a lot of other screen elements and is hard to control.

You may want to add another web part above the Datasheet view to display hover effects and tooltips.

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