I'm trying to add the rating feature for blog posts.

Any solutions please?

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    Please indicate what approach(es) you've tried already, what issues you've had, etc. Nov 30, 2010 at 13:33
  • rating is enabled for lists and library but under list Post for blog i cant find this feature
    – Mahmoud
    Nov 30, 2010 at 14:15

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You can use Rating feature for you post in blog. In order to do this, click Manage Post > List Settings > Rating settings and then choose Yes under Allow items in this list to be rated?


Assuming you already have Tagging enabled for the page's document library, you should be able to use SharePoint Designer and add a the rating control to the page or its layout:

 FieldName="Rating_x0020__x0028_0_x002d_5_x0029_" runat="server"/>

Source: Adding rating ability to a SharePoint 2010 publishing page layout


First, make sure that the Rating Feature is activated on the site collection. To proceed, go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Go to top level site settings > Site collection features and activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature. After that, the Rating Settings link will appear under the General Settings of all lists or libraries of that site collection.

Only if the above is not working should you try to use the PowerShell command as described in the following blog post Turn on Ratings Feature in SharePoint 2010 .

Once the Rating Settings appear, you can start using the rating feature for your posts in your blog. The following Microsoft article is extremely easy to follow: Enable users to rate content

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