I'm trying to attach custom aspx forms to a content type, in order to use them as New, Display and Edit item forms. I must do this with Visual Studio 2010, since I have a Web Template, List Definition, Content Type definitions, etc..

Does anyone know the procedure to do this?

I found this link: http://www.sharemuch.com/2010/03/15/customizing-sharepoint-2010-item-forms-with-visual-studio-2010, but I can't understand how to create the item forms there, nor link them.

If no one knows the way, could at least anyone help me understand that post?

Thank you!

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Maybe this tutorial is better in explaining custom content type forms:


It is written for Sharepoint 2007, but still applicable with SP2010 + Visual Studio 2010

This site is no-longer available.


Also, be aware of the ListFieldIterator control as another way of displaying item details and fields.

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