I am building a quiz program from the tutorial: http://blogs.technet.com/b/brenclarke/archive/2009/04/14/creating-a-quiz-web-application-using-sharepoint-designer-part-4.aspx

In it, I use a submit button with the code:

<input name="Submit1" type="submit" value="submit" onclick="javascript     {ddwrt:GenFireServerEvent(concat('__commit;__redirect={ShowQuestion.aspx?Title=',$URL1,'&amp;Question=',$NextQNumber,'&amp;Of=',$URL2,'&amp;Session=',$URL3,'}'))}" />

Unfortunately, users are able to click-through and submit to the answers list multiple times for the same question, because there is no limit to the number of clicks/submissions per page. After Googling I saw two main options. One is to put some more code in, as shown in this link: (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/926816/how-to-prevent-multiple-form-submit-from-client-side) while the other is to change the button to a loading button that is dead when pressed the first time. Unfortunately, I am unsure of how to do either for my lines of code. I understand it can be tough to call multiple functions within a single command, so I've been intimidated by that. Please try to recommend a fix for this or more information regarding the solutions given. I unfortunately have no experience coding in javascript before this tutorial.

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    Have you considered cookies? Though they can be deleted, it's the only client-side tool you can use to prevent multiple submits to the same quiz by the same users.
    – user2536
    Jul 30, 2013 at 20:58
  • I have considered cookies, but was discouraged because of (like you mentioned) their ease of deletion. Considering that my users are Microsoft authenticated and I have already set up the ability to pull the unique login name of the user I believed I could moderate their clicking. I was thinking of a script like: onclick add one to a variable if variable <1 submit like normal else terminate button functionality but am unsure of javascript's ability to do that type script. Jul 30, 2013 at 21:26

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u can user jquery to disable the button after its clicked import jquery to your page ... at the end of the page add an eventhandel

$(yourbuttonid).click(function(this){this.disable();}); somthing like that should do it

  • Would this require jquery to be installed on users' computers or could it be included somewhere in my page's script and it call on a server that hosts the jquery language code? Jul 30, 2013 at 21:35

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