I have a user who, instead of editing the Top Level Site in their Site collection, created a subsite, named it "Home" and now wants this moved up a level so that it is their Site Collection Home Page.

Im sure there must be a simple way to do this that I am missing!

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Do not think it is possible to move the RootWeb of a Site Collection. In any other hierarchical level than root you can do it with "Manage Content and Structure" http://www.thesharepoint.com/SitePages/Content%20and%20Structure.aspx


Back up, restore, or move a SharePoint site - How do I move a SharePoint site from one location to another? claims that Sharepoint Designer can save a site, then restore it to another location. Restore a Web site section confirms it's possible to restore one as a top-level site.


Try using - Save site as template.

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