Can I set the default user in a user field to the current user -> [Me]? How is it done? The xml I already have is:

<Field ID="{F117832D-E722-460C-A083-162C55B701F9}" Type="User" Name="PrimAdministrator" 
       DisplayName="Primary Adminstrator" Required="TRUE" UserSelectionMode="PeopleOnly" 
       ShowField="Name" ></Field>

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I don't believe it's possible


Another option could be to set it in a workflow


Attaching event receiver could be one of the solution.

If you need that the default values are set when the new item form opens, then you need javascript/jQuery on the New Item form.

Also, even if there is no browser option for it, you can set the default value using C# code, here is what you can do for a User/Group field:

using(SPSite site = new SPSite("site url"))
   SPWeb web = site.RootWeb;
   SPList list = web.Lists["My List with the field"];
   SPField fld = list.Fields["My User Or Group Field"];

   SPUser usr = web.EnsureUser("DOMAIN\\login");
   SPFieldUserValue defValue = new SPFieldUserValue();
   defValue.LookupId = usr.ID;

   fld.DefaultValue = defValue.ToString();






Pushpendra's code only work in SharePoint 2010.

View this add-on(SharePoint Default Value Add-On), which make it possible.

Set "Current User" (User who is adding item) as default value.

enter image description here

  • link is dead (and iirc cost something wild like £100 anyway) Commented Oct 14, 2015 at 14:50

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