I need to setup an Intranet site where site members can personalise & manage the web parts that appear for them in the sidebar (on the master page).

For example - one member may choose to have a 'my links' web part and a 'twitter' web part in their sidebar and another member may want to have a 'weather' web part and a 'my collegues' web part in their sidebar.

Is this possible? and if so how could it be done? Is integration with the user profile service required?


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One option could be to target audience the web parts and allow users to "subscribe" to the web parts they want? I have not tried it but it may be possible with a list and a workflow - allow users to select the web parts they want to see and then have the workflow add them to the appropriate group so they are included in the target audience?

  • Thanks Dave, that seems like a good solution. Just may mean having lots of groups ha. Let me know if you think of any other solutions and if not I think I will roll with that :) Commented Jul 25, 2013 at 12:52

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