What is the recommended topology for deploy Office Web Applications with SharePoint 2013 supporting intranet and extranet scenarios?

How has this advanced since SharePoint 2007, 2010?

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    There are plenty of resources available to support these basic questions. Can you narrow them down to something a bit more specific? For general overview please view the articles posted on Microsoft TechNet, as well as the blog posts by Wictor Wilen. Commented Jul 24, 2013 at 2:02

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Office Web Apps Server 2013 is its own product. You can review capacity planning guidelines for each (SharePoint and Office Web Apps) on TechNet. For a minimum topology, you want 2 Office Web Apps Servers and use load balancing to achieve high availability. There is a single PowerShell cmdlets that connects that to your SharePoint farm. Similarly, you can connect it to Exchange as well.


Office Web Apps Server: Office Web Apps deployment simplified



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