I'm using SharePoint 2007 and I have created a workflow to send a reminder email to the owner of the item a few days before the due date. I'm using <a href="mailto:someone@somewhere.com?">Some One</a> as part of the email. Below is the email I'm sending. When I receive the email the it is showing Some One as a link but when I click on it, it does not create the email with the email address. I have created about 6 of these workflows. On some of the workflows the mailto link works fine but on others I cannot get it to work. I have tired copying and pasting using the code that works to a new workflow but that seem to fix this problem. Any ideas on how to get this to work on all my workflows? Thank you

<html><body><p>The following action item is assigned to you and the target date is approaching.  Please come to the next status meeting prepared to provide an update or email <a href=”mailto:someone@somewhere.com?”>Some One</a> with your update.  Thank you</p></body></html>
  • That ? in the end of the email address seems to be what's messing it up. Also I'd check the double quotes in the <a> tag. Otherwise it's perfectly valid HTML that should generate a mail link just fine. – Renan Jul 22 '13 at 20:46
  • I found the ? from the w3school.com. I first had the problem without the ? and when I was trying to figure out how to use the mailto I found it with a ?. When I added it it worked fine. But on other workflows with or without the ? isn't working. – Sheila Jul 22 '13 at 21:56

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