I have a parent site X, and three child site A, B and C. There is a list by the name "MyList" in all the list sites.

I want a CAML Query to retrieve the latest ten records,from "MyList"(now ten records should be coming from any of the three sites A, B or C, whichever is the latest)

I have to develop a visual web part in parent site X, to display those ten records.

Learned developers....Please help with this complicated CAML query situation


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You could achieve that using SPSiteDataQuery if you have particular list type or list base type.

SPSiteDataQuery can be configured to search in all lists of a particular list type or list base type.

  1. The complete site collection

  2. a particular site and sub-sites



You can try to use OOTB content query web part information about : which you can find here

also you can try : using LINQ

Hope this helps!

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