I am creating a simple list (imagine a request for instance) in Sharepoint. This list can be modified by the user, but the field "Status" (Approved, rejected, waiting, -And any status I could imagine) can only be modified by the group of manager.

After searching a lot of on the web, I understood that "read-only" is not so easy out of the box in Sharepoint.

So, after reading this link (Read-only column in a SharePoint list) I tried to create a lookup to a second list that is only the manager can edit/write, and used a lookup.

Unfortunately, after some tests, the user is still able to modify this field.

Is that a correct approach, or I am doing something wrong?

I hope my question is clear, because that sounds like a basic feature.

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For the example you give, there is built in functionality to "Require content approval", that you can access from the versioning settings page off of list/library settings. For more general functionality of that type, I believe it can be implemented as a workflow.

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