1 webapplication, which consists of 2 host-named sitecollections:

  • abc.domain.com
  • xyz.domain.com

The webapplication is claim-based - with different authentication mechanisms:

  • Anonymous
  • Form based Authentication
  • Windows Authentication


When I log in on abc.domain.com, it creates a FedAuth cookie, by default registered with domain "abc.domain.com". Now, when I try to navigate to xyz.domain.com I have to log in again.


How can I make sure that I don't have to log in again when navigating between those 2 site collections?


I already tried to modify the FedAuth cookie domain to "domain.com". This works but then I have the problem that I can't sign out properly + when the user closes the browser, re-opens it, the user isn't logged in anymore.

FederatedAuthentication.SessionAuthenticationModule.CookieHandler.Domain = "domain.com";
SessionSecurityToken sessionToken = new SessionSecurityToken((IClaimsPrincipal)Thread.CurrentPrincipal);

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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You could use an STS:

All SharePoint sites that make use of the same STS will effectively have SSO.

A drawback to STS/Trusted Identity Providers is the bad People Picker experience; no resolving of partial entries, every mapped claim can be selected, ... Not a good user experience. Part of it can be solved by implementing a Claim Provider.

  • Thanks Steven! Seems not that easy, but we will have a look at it. We already use a custom claim provider. Jul 18, 2013 at 10:50

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