I've enabled the blob cache and set up some renditions. I can call these fine by passing in the width and height as parameters to an image.

However I need to edit the renditions as the default settings crop too much - but there is no Edit Renditions menu item in any Asset Library?

Anyone have any ideas? Running on premise with the March PU.

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You should have an edit link in the image rendition settings. If not, try using the direct link, and see what result you get.


enter image description here


Do you have publishing features enabled on the site collection?

For image renditions to work you need to have three things done:

  • A publishing site collection (or at least the publishing features enabled)
  • A configured BLOB cache
  • An Asset Library (recommended)

See SharePoint 2013 Design Manager image renditions for further reference.

You can also use Picture Libraries, but they're missing the Edit Renditions link under the ellipsis (...). So instead you need to select your image, which should make the Design tab appear in the ribbon, then under the Design tab click Edit Renditions.

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