we created an own color-palette and theme and uploaded that to our server. So far so good - now we try to use some of the sharepoint default images (like the big plus sign above lists for adding elements) inside of a custom visual webpart.

The question is: how do we get the location of the themed pngs? I tried this here but had to notice, that the bunch of numbers changes:

<span class="ms-list-addnew-imgSpan20">
  <img class="ms-list-addnew-img20" id="idHomePageNewItem-img"
       src="<%: Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "_catalogs/theme/Themed/B33ABC55/spcommon-B35BB0A9.themedpng") %>?ctag=2"/>

There are two possibilities to get the ThemedImageUrl of the spcommon.png File. You can use C# Code and the Method GetThemedImageUrl() which was allready mentioned.

But SharePoint 2013 also provides a new Control called ThemedForegroundImage. Take a look how to use it:

<SharePoint:ThemedForegroundImage ThemeKey="spcommon" ImageUrl="/_layouts/15/images/spcommon.png" runat="server" CssClass="my-class" ID="myElementId" />

And the following HTML is the Result of this Control:

<img id="myElementId" class="my-class" src="/_catalogs/theme/Themed/1D65FA0B/spcommon-B35BB0A9.themedpng?ctag=0" />

For those how loves JavaScript. Yes it is also possible to get the ThemedImageUrl using JavaScript. Therefore you have to call the following Method which return the requested Url:


I have written a blogpost about this topic. But this post is currently only available in German. But there you will find some screenshots.


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  • That's a nice solution, too :) Since i like that more than mine, you get the credit. – TGlatzer Jul 11 '13 at 9:26
  • Thanks! It is also possible to get the ThemedImageUrl using JavaScript. You only have to call the following Method which return the Url: GetThemedImageUrl('spcommon.png') – Falco O Jul 11 '13 at 9:46

After digging a little bit into Sharepoint Theming I found the following gem:

SPUtility.GetThemedImageUrl(SPUtility.ContextImagesRoot + "spcommon.png", "spcommon")

This will return a correctly themed image as SP itself will use it above lists.

MSDN documentation here

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working with this code:

SPUtility.GetThemedImageUrl(SPUrlUtility.CombineUrl(SPUtility.ContextImagesRoot, "spcommon.png"), "spcommon"); 
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