I have succesfully implented an external content type with a read list method, which can sort and page through the external data.

The external content type has 4 filters (two limit and two wildcard) which are connected with the parameters of the ReadList method.

public static IEnumerable<Entity> ReadList(int firstRow, int pageSize, string sortField, string sortDirection)
{ }

The view's <Method> element is defined as follows.

<Method Name="ReadList">
    <Filter Name="FirstRow" Value="{dvt_firstrow}" />
    <Filter Name="PageSize" Value="30" />
    <Filter Name="SortField" Value="{dvt_sortfield}" />
    <Filter Name="SortDirection" Value="{dvt_sortdir}" />

The next step is to take account of the filter. I have observed that whenever I click the drop down button of a column the filter values are the ones which come from the first 30 items (page size). Trying to set a filter on a column calls the same ReadList method with firstRow set to 0 and pageSize to 30.

Is there a way to say that whenever the drop down menu for a column is pressed another instance of a read list emthod should be used? That instance could read the filter values from all the data in the external system.

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