I have a site "ABC Company" in which I have two subsites.

  1. HR
  2. Inventory

In HR subsite there is a list "Employee" which has a column "Full Name"

In Inventory subsite there is a list "Issue Inventory" which has a column of "Employee"

I want to bind lookup column in Inventory->Issue Inventory list with HR->Employee list.

Please advice how can I do this without using InfoPath. Its possible in InfoPath but InfoPath changes the look and feel of page thats why I want to do this either using sharePoint web environment or sharepoint designer.

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To create a cross-site lookup field do the following:

  • Create the list that you want to be the source of your lookup field – must be deone at the site collection root.
  • Create a new Site Column (at the site collection root as well ) which you define as a lookup field and the liste created above as your source
  • Use the new site column field in your new list – anywhere in the site collection

View here for detail.

There are many third party add-on which allows you to look up and pull information from any site in a site collection - See more at: http://www.sharepointadd-ons.com/sharepoint-cross-site-lookup

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