Is there a way to combine FilterMultiValue on different columns?

ex ?FilterName=HomeCountry&FilterMultiValue=Norway;Global&FilterName=HostCountry&FilterMultiValue=US;Global

I want to filter on :

(First column I want to find all that have "norway" and "global") and (Second column I want to find all with "US" and "global")

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in this technet article, a technet community support member answerd:

We are unable to use FilterMultiValue work with multiple filters in this way and you may need programmatically effect

He also posted a link to a blog, which shows how it can be done

I hope this will help you

Regards, Retech


Enable the managed metadata navigation of the list. Try the url parameters below.

For metadata column:


The integer is the id of the term in the /Lists/TaxonomyHiddenList/AllItems.aspx Refer to here

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