I've not found a comprehensive list on anywhere of the PowerShell cmdlets for SharePoint 2013 whose function or output cannot be achieved via the GUI (Central Admin, Site Settings, etc). I would consider these highly important for both IT Pros and Devs.

What are the PowerShell cmdlets that have no GUI equivalent in SharePoint 2013?

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  • The most obvious non-GUI is creating the GUI itself. GUI, in this case, Central Administration, is created via the PowerShell cmdlet New-SPCentralAdministration.

  • Creating (and most of the maintenance duties for) host named site collections is done entirely in PowerShell. Chapter 1.2

  • Create the Subscription Settings service, which is needed to enable Apps for SharePoint. New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplication

  • Create new proxy groups aren't supported in Central Administration. Instead you need to use the New-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup cmdlet. Chapter 3.2

  • Import Signing Certificate for federation between SharePoint and ADFS, is not GUI supported. $signcert = New-Object System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Certificate2("<path to signing cert>") Chapter 2.1

  • Configure server to server (S2S) trust between two SharePoint farms, SharePoint and Lync or SharePoint and MS Exchange. Chapter 2.1

Reference: Exam Ref 70-331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013


Few which come immediately to mind:

1) Create Host Named Site Collections.

2) Request Management Administration

3) Convert Web Application from Classic Authentication to Claims.

3) Create Web Application with Classic Authentication.

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