I would like to restrict Rich text editor features which placed on Ribbon Toolbar while an user is editing an page. For example, only Arial and Times New Roman fonts and font size 10, 11 and 12 will be displayed.

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Follow this guide from Waldek, it is for 2010 but should work just as well from 2013: http://blog.mastykarz.nl/consistent-content-authoring-sharepoint-2010-rich-text-editor/


<PublishingWebControls:RichHtmlField FieldName="PublishingPageContent" HasInitialFocus="True" 
AllowFonts="false" AllowTextMarkup="false" 
AllowParagraphFormatting="false" PrefixStyleSheet="mv-" MinimumEditHeight="400px" runat="server"/>

use this attributes to lock down properties.

The PrefixStyleSheet enables you to only show your custom styles like

  -ms-name:"Heading 2";

But please read the article to get a full understanding


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