I need get all users with a custom property using sharepoint search api, this custom property already mapped in sharepoint.

I'm using this url, and this retrieves all users


But i need get all users with filtering by custom property Birthday, example, Sep/1 to Sep/31

How should I do


For a specific date:


For a range (a month in this example)

&refinementfilters='Birthday:range(datetime("2000-06-01"), datetime("2000-06-30"))'
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  • I have no idea about this but if your solution is correct then this can be used: &refinementfilters='Birthday:range(datetime("1850-09-01"), datetime("2050-09-31"))' – Amit Bhagat Aug 20 '13 at 10:49

When using the refinementfilter make sure the Managed Property 'Birthday' is configured as Refineable in the Search schema.

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Need to match only date and month. But the above example works fine for exact match including year.


It's retrieving the record of exact match(no different year records like 1978-08-07 are not retrieved)

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Using angular js and add this modules SennitShareAngularJs.

Use Example:

'use strict';
app.controller('birthDayUsersController', ['$scope', 'sennitRestApi',  function ($scope, sennitRestApi) {

    $scope.birthdays = ([]);

    //Capture all Users birthday of the September
    $scope.birthdays = sennitRestApi.getMonthBirthDayRange('2000-09-01', '2000-09-31');



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