I have found on a few occasions that when browsing a SP2013 site on a mobile, it sometimes change from the slick contemporary view to the older "classic" mobile view.

Is there a way I can totally deactivate the "classic" look and feel or perhaps redirect to the contemporary view instead?

Seems odd that a high end mobile device (Samsung Galaxy S2) changes from the newer style to the older one.

Cheers, and thanks for reading.



You can still completely override the behaviour of specific browser clients and mobile devices from the browser.compat file.

Browser.compat file explained

Simply configure each device agent as isMobileDevice = true/false depending on whether you would like it to treat that device agent as a mobile browser or not.

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The same happens with a brand new iPhone 5, which also features a very good browser. If you're using SharePoint Server (not Foundation) you can go to site settings > device channels and add a new device channel with a rule that matches your browser user agent.

Then go to site settings > master page and choose the masterpage you want to render for that device channel.

If you're using SharePoint Foundation 2013 there is no way to change this behaviour.

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